Recruiting Services

Mendelsohn Legal recruiters love their work. Each of us is passionate about helping others to feel fulfilled in their professional lives, and we are extremely successful when it comes to providing comprehensive recruiting services to lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments.

We provide recruiting services across the full spectrum of the legal profession.

  • We place individual partner and associate level attorneys into law firms and corporate legal departments.
  • We place practice groups and other teams of lawyers into law firms and corporate legal departments.
  • We merge law firms.
  • We help firms open new offices in different geographic locations throughout the United States.
  • We place paralegals into law firms and corporate legal departments.

Individual and Group Lateral Moves

Mendelsohn Legal helps move individual and groups of lawyers out of law-firm or in-house environments that do not provide the support and opportunity for those lawyers to meet their full potential. Our attorney recruiters seek to elevate those lawyers to a more successful platform that enriches them and brings them career satisfaction.

Based on our many years of experience and consistent business methods, Mendelsohn Legal has gained a stellar reputation working with individuals and groups nationwide for many reasons. Here are just a few reasons we stand above the competition:

  • We are maestros at creating resumes for associates and business plans for partners, designing them to offer prospective employers an accurate view of our candidates’ experience and expertise.
  • We provide career counseling for those seeking new challenges in the workplace and for those previously placed through Mendelsohn Legal.
  • We take a long-term view and exhibit patience. We understand that it often requires time to get to know candidates, their strengths and what they truly need to be happy and successful.
  • We are candid with candidates. If we do not think a particular position is the right fit, we tell them so, even if that means encouraging them to go with an opportunity obtained through another recruiter.
  • We value close-working relationships and nurture them over time.

As a result of our success, Mendelsohn Legal attorney recruiters receive countless thank-you notes from clients and candidates with whom we have worked. Candidates often remark that we got it right, and they feel they are on the right path to achieve their professional goals, and are happier at home as a result. The move has a ripple effect on their lives. Our clients tell us that we have helped them to achieve the success and growth for which they have strived for many years.


As law firm recruiters, we orchestrate the merger of firms looking for strategic growth by expanding their practice offerings, deepening their bench or expanding their foot print.  Mergers often are designed to help firms upgrade talent, raise their profile in new geographies, and achieve greater profitability by attracting a broader client base. Although law firm combinations bring complexities and challenges, we have the experience, know-how, and a track record of success of identifying merger partners and helping them integrate seamlessly.

Using the Mendelsohn Legal Way, we interview the executive team of a firm seeking a merger partner and meet with their lawyers in offices across the country to get to know the firm and to insure we identify the right potential partners with a parallel culture.  Aligning economics, talent, clients, practice areas and cultures are essential to any successful combination.  We stay involved throughout the process to assist with the exchange and evaluation of relevant business, client and other business information and advice on integration, compensation and management issues.

So, what else do our clients point to that distinguishes us from the competition?

  • Trust. Our clients quickly learn we will invest in our relationships with them to ensure they receive the best legal and general recruitment a firm can offer. We only want positive outcomes, and everything we do is with a long-term view.
  • Extensive vetting. With Susan’s experience as a former corporate investigator, Mendelsohn Legal recruiters are trained to conduct in-depth interviews and gather insightful information, ensuring the veracity of candidates’ stated skills and experience. Because our team is comprised of mostly former practicing lawyers, we are better able to evaluate people and their stories with a degree of insight that enhances the prospects for a successful outcome. Moreover, we are not afraid to reject a candidate who may look great on paper, but is not a great fit for our client. We also have the ability to vet through firms quickly when we look for merger partners, or an opportunity to open an office for a firm. We earn our clients’ trust.
  • No holding back. Managing and hiring partners come to us and ask what their competitors are doing. Without ever sharing proprietary information belonging to other clients, we know the market inside and out, and we share information on market trends and practices. Sometimes recruiters for lawyers might shy away from telling firm leaders what they do not want to hear, but we do not hesitate to say what is in our client’s best interests in order to grow. This builds trust with our clients.
  • Going beyond current openings. While we must always focus on the positions that law firms and legal departments want to fill immediately, we do not limit our effort and advice to those openings alone. We look at how the firm or department could strategically benefit from hiring candidates in other areas of practice or merging with a firm to bolster their strengths. This demonstrates the holistic view of our clients’ business that we are always looking to help build and grow. We do this because we care about the long-term success of our clients and their leaders. This builds trust.

All of this and more is what constitutes the Mendelsohn Legal Way. It has been proven to work. It is why we have a stellar reputation. It is why we are an industry leader across the country, and a top legal recruitment agency in Chicago.

Orchestrating Your Success