Consulting Services

In today’s competitive market, it is no longer enough to be a good or even great lawyer. The success of a private practice lawyer is measured, in part, by his or her ability to cultivate a client base that achieves the desired profits of a firm, within their platform, while providing value sought by clients.

The team at Mendelsohn Legal successfully facilitates the development of these skills, whether through one-on-one coaching or group training sessions. Results from these sessions are often immediate, and the attorneys with whom Mendelsohn Legal works benefit from cultivating top-shelf clients, becoming more profitable, and achieving career satisfaction.

When seeking to hire an attorney, clients prefer to work with lawyers who develop warm and genuine relationships with those they serve. Mendelsohn Legal teaches attorneys how to improve their communication and relationship-building skills – effectively elevating them from the audience to the stage. As a result, more and more clients will happily pick up the phone and call the lawyer we have trained, because of the special bond they have learned how to develop.

Using many of the same techniques and know-how, we also work with clients to teach and develop other skills that contribute to personal and institutional success. Many private practice lawyers and in-house counsel find themselves in a position of leadership at some point in their careers. They may chair a committee, serve as a practice group leader, lead the firm, or serve as a member of the management team. Through Mendelsohn Legal’s tried-and-tested methods, our consultants teach internal leadership skills and help lawyers achieve their leadership goals and objectives.

When it comes to hiring new attorneys – from law graduates to lateral partners – we understand that not all lawyers, even skilled hiring partners, know how to interview candidates. But we do. We interview candidates every day for a living – and we offer interview training to law firms and in-house legal departments to help them attract the most qualified and talented candidates.

People hire us because we are skilled at what we do, and because we know the value of building strong relationships.

Orchestrating Your Success