What We Do

Based in Chicago, Mendelsohn Legal is passionate about meeting the staffing needs of law firms and corporate legal departments nationwide. We provide legal placement services for professionals at any level or stage in their careers, from paralegals to associate attorneys and partners.

More than a typical legal recruitment services agency, we also offer consulting designed to harmonize your law firm or legal department. No matter what the organization’s needs are ­— whether you’re looking for legal staffing services, consulting or both — count on Mendelsohn Legal to orchestrate your success.

Consulting Services

In today’s competitive market, it is no longer enough to be a good or even great lawyer. The success of a private practice lawyer is measured, in part, by his or her ability to cultivate a client base that achieves the desired profits of a firm, within their platform, while providing value sought by clients.

Recruiting Services

At Mendelsohn Legal, we believe in elevation. That is, our legal staff solutions can help lift lawyers, groups of lawyers, entire law firms and in-house legal departments up to the next, elite level of performance. We consider the work we do to be a symphonic work-of-art.

Orchestrating Your Success