At Mendelsohn Legal, we believe in elevation. That is, we help lift lawyers, groups of lawyers, entire law firms, and in-house legal departments up to the next, elite level of performance.

We consider the work we do to be a symphonic work-of-art. We do everything we can to hit all the right notes to conduct and perform a masterpiece.

We do this on three related fronts:

  1. We find the ideal match between an attorney or group of attorneys and a law firm or corporate legal department.
  2. We identify and connect merger partners. Consolidation of law firms and groups of lawyers can be complicated, on so many levels, but with our experience and expertise, we know how to navigate those complexities to make mergers happen – and to make sure they succeed.
  3. As business consultants, we coach firms, legal departments and lawyers on ways to enhance their practices, operations and businesses, using proven methods that generate success.

Mendelsohn Legal is recognized across the legal landscape as a premier promoter of talent with knowledgeable and insightful recruiters and consultants. We come to work every day, energized by our desire to achieve our interconnected primary goals: to elevate firms, legal departments and lawyers by making connections and helping our clients and candidates develop skills that improve lives and increase the prospects of success.

Each member of our team – from Susan Mendelsohn, our company founder and President, to our newest recruiter or consultant – works hard to build trust with those we serve and to develop and maintain long-term relationships. We place individuals ahead of any potential placement or “deal.” By that, we mean that we care more about finding the right fit than we do about simply making a placement or closing a “deal”. If, after hours and hours of research and interviewing, we believe a match is not optimal – even if it looks good on paper – Mendelsohn Legal will let everyone know and start all over again.

Put another way, we work tirelessly for our clients to COMPOSE success on a daily basis. We:

C – contribute our comprehensive experience, know-how and desire to ensure successful outcomes
O – originate connections through our extensive network of contacts from coast-to-coast
M – match talent with the right opportunities
P – promote our clients and candidates by building long-term relationships with everyone who works with us
O – orchestrate opportunities by proactively seeking out different paths for clients to follow
S – shine light on opportunities that can be created through new relationships
E – elevate firms, legal departments and lawyers to a higher, elite level of performance through our recruiting and consulting services

And that’s The Mendelsohn Way.

As our firm continues to emphasize national and strategic development, our attorney recruiting efforts are of the utmost importance. I have worked with Mendelsohn Legal over the past several years, and I have great confidence in the company’s ability to consistently provide the firm with the highest quality of candidates. Mendelsohn Legal’s legal market knowledge and awareness, the breadth of their relationships, and their integrity throughout the lateral process make them a standout recruiting firm and one I look forward to sharing future successes with.

Managing partner of a mid-sized, nationally recognized law firm

The Mendelsohn Legal recruiters have an extraordinary ability to find not only candidates who have the right qualifications, but candidates who have the right chemistry. They ‘get’ us.

General Counsel of a large, publicly-traded company

Mendelsohn Legal consistently demonstrates an understanding of our firm, needs and culture, and introduces us to candidates that always are worthy of very serious consideration. It is no coincidence that the Mendelsohn Legal candidates we have hired have become long-term successes at our firm. Mendelsohn Legal wants a win-win for us and the lawyers they place and this simple proposition differentiates them from many other recruiting firms.

Managing partner of a NLJ Top 5 firm

Orchestrating Your Success