Susan Mendelsohn Speaks at 2017 Law Firm Management Conference in Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Susan Mendelsohn spoke regarding hiring, integration and merger issues at the 2017 Law Firm Management Conference in August.   An outline of Susan’s speech can be found here.

I.       Interview Process: How to get acceptance from lawyers you chose? 

  1. Have a clear organized interview process.
  2. Communicate with the recruiter or candidate if it’s direct.
  3. If the partner is a key player, roll out the red carpet.  Senior management should meet this candidate in the first meeting.
  4. Be responsive with feedback after the meeting, and don’t let too much time lag.
  5. Make the offer a clear offer with a defined path for partnership if the candidate is an associate, and a clear path to a bonus.
  6. Be competitive in your offer.

II.      What attracts a lawyer to a new platform?

  1. Strength in practice area
  2. People/Team
  3. Culture/Atmosphere
  4. Quality of clients
  5. Quality of work
  6. Interesting work
  7. Opportunity to grow practice
  8. Improved compensation
  9. Marketing support in terms of staff and dollars
  10. Change in footprint if applicable & needed
  11. Industry sector focus
  12. Reputation/Brand
  13. Support for and commitment to practice
  14. Autonomy, independence and freedom
  15. Better/Expanded platform
  16. Strong collegial culture

III.    Why do lawyers want to leave?

  1. Change in culture
  2. Lack of opportunity to grow business
  3. Unfair, uncompetitive or reduced compensation
  4. Change in strategy
  5. Conflicts
  6. Lack of investment in practice
  7. Feeling under-valued
  8. Rate Issues

IV.     Integration of hired candidates

  1. Key in the success of hired laterals.
  2. Make sure the lawyer isn’t just given a desk, and a phone, and a pat on the back with a good luck.
  3. Introduce lawyer to others.
  4. Hold a welcome reception.
  5. Schedule lunches internally with other lawyers.
  6. If more than one office, have the lawyer visit other offices.
  7. Track goals given when hired and check-in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 6 months, and meet with the Partner to discuss if they are adjusting and how you can help them meet their goals.



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