Sangeeta Shingala, Esq.

Uniquely positioned as an expert in human resources, legal recruiter Sangeeta Shingala draws upon her extensive knowledge and vast experience as an employment lawyer to help attorneys find the right jobs and law firms and legal departments hire the right candidates. She fully understands both the big issues and the subtle nuances in the hiring process, from start to finish.

For nearly a decade, Sangeeta worked in the legal department of the prestigious Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, where, as head of the Employment and Benefits group, she built and grew her practice to address the company’s evolving HR needs. But she wasn’t just Wrigley’s go-to in-house counsel; she also performed in concert and cooperation with the company’s HR leadership as a trusted business partner and advisor. Before that she served clients as a private practitioner at two well-known, major law firms, advising large and midsized corporations across the country on all aspects of labor and employment law. Additionally, she’s worked in legal positions in the accounting, retail and insurance arenas, giving her a broad, diverse and sophisticated knowledge base.

While Sangeeta applies many skills to help clients of Mendelsohn Legal, three especially distinguish her. She’s adept at recognizing people’s strengths and weaknesses. She applied that attribute when she served in a hiring capacity at both Wrigley and in private practice to staff legal teams, and she currently uses it in recruiting. She also strikes the right chord with people, understanding the personalities and work habits of others, which helps her build and develop strong relationships. Finally, whether contemplating a lateral move or aggressively looking for a new position, Sangeeta acts as an advocate and advisor for her candidates. Not only does she take the time to get to know each candidate’s unique strengths and expertise, but she reviews and revises resumes, and spends significant time ensuring that each candidate is appropriately matched with the position that best matches their particular objectives.


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