Andrew Fitzgerald, Esq.

Andrew Fitzgerald can dig out the most vitally important information, no matter how buried or arcane it may be. When people come to Mendelsohn Legal for help with their employment needs – whether they’re law firms, legal department or job candidates – they get the professional services of Andrew, who’s nationally known as an expert researcher and talented analytic thinker. A former corporate and commercial litigator, Andrew understands the intricacies of how a law team works. He knows how best to gather mountains of research, synthesize the information and determine whether a lawyer and a particular partnership or in-house department constitute a good fit.

Andrew’s in-depth analysis has been instrumental in orchestrating placements of partners, associates, and in-house attorneys, as well as identifying ideal merger candidate firms both in Chicago and nationally. The incredibly thorough research projects he has conducted have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal. He takes pride in his stellar project management skills and his expertise in business and legal operations and trends. He also knows and respects the value of scheduling, timing and truly understanding the person or group for whom he’s serving.


Orchestrating Your Success